Saturday, 16 February 2019

Erotica - Single

Made by me.


Made by @madonnaremixed.

Bedtime Stories - Official reworked

Reworked by Salvatore.

Body of Evidence - Billboard Magazine Advert


Confessions On A Dancefloor - PNG


Confessions Tour - Los Angeles Promo Art


Dolce & Gabbana 2011 Campaign - Promo Art


Drowned World Tour - Logo


Evita - Official


Fever - The Girlie Show

Made by me.


Made by Krystian.

Human Nature - Logo


The Immaculate Collection

Made by me.

Justify My Love

Made by me.

Lucky Star

My Paradise

Madonna & The Orchestra

Made by me.

Papa Don't Preach - Fanmade Logo

Made by Juan Bermudez.

Reinvention Tour - Live Studio Versions

Swept Away - Brasilian Official


Twenty5&More - A Celebrative Compilation

Made by Twenty5&More.


Made by me.

Who's That Girl Soundtrack - Promo Art


You Can Dance - Logo

Made by Mark Brown.

Friday, 8 February 2019

La Isla Bonita

Made by me.

W.E. - French Promo Art


The Madonna Revelations- The Remix Anthology vol. 1

The Power of Goodbye - Official


The Look of Love - Japanese 7" Official

The Girlie Show - Fukuoka, December 8th 1993

Shanghai Surprise - Official


Sticky & Sweet Tour - Tel Aviv Promo Art, September 1st 2009


Remixers United 9

Made by William Vipond Tait.

Ray of Light - UK Cassette Official

The MDNA Tour - Buenos Aires Promo Art, December 22nd


Max Factor 1999 Campaign - Promo Art


Madonna - 1984 Promo Art


Living For Love

Made by Sven Hapers.

Like a Prayer - Japanese 7" Official

Keep It Together - Fanmade Logo

Made by Juan Bermudez.

It's So Cool - Fanmade Logo